Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Friday, February 15, 2019

we named our band today

sheri showed great patience during the photo shoot. here she is patiently awaiting makeup.

you need a bit of patience too. shortly, you'll know our band name too


Thursday, February 14, 2019

3 new songs + photos + collaborations with many = study in patience

photo from luthier's coop in easthampton, ma sometime in 2017(?)

thanks to all for your continued support. happy valentine's day to those that love, and are loved. in a very unrelated thematic way i plan on releasing 3 new songs very soon. sheri and i are also shooting photos tomorrow (with my wife behind the lens), and maybe tracking some song(s). there are also pending projects that include further photo shoots/videos/split 7" with friends beth & adam; and a music video for a as of yet unreleased song entitled 'firefighters' with the widely talented Piper Preston. here are the titles of the 3 aforementioned forthcoming songs (think cure vs immobilizing drug use vs depression topography).

murder suicide

you won't even know i'm here

first rogue to the sea

Sunday, February 10, 2019

house shows and/or listening rooms

looking for potential house show/listening room venues for our new duo for 2nd week of april through the end of may.

pittsburgh, detroit, cincinnati, louisville, ann arbor, cleveland, chicago, upstate ny, nyc, boston, portland (maine), providence, philadelphia, washington dc, baltimore - and anything in that general oblong area.


you can message me - that would probably be easiest.


Saturday, February 09, 2019

in her tomb by the sounding sea

in need of band names. water themes seem to be calling. taking literary suggestions.

can't stop listening to these

swervedriver - future ruins

violents & monica martin - awake and pretty much sober

pinegrove - skylight

better oblivion community center - s/t

ryuichi sakamoto - revenant

monica martin - thoughtless & cruel (singles)


Wednesday, February 06, 2019

of artemis & the revenant

2019 - so begins a new voyage of map making, contraband collecting, air pushing, road hitting, filmmaking, record making, tea brewing, and general chaos and serenity.

this year will include new records

me - solo

the record that sheri (pictured above) and i (also - w/glasses) are writing as we speak

a guitar soundscape record

a collection of home recordings

new shows

some solo, but mostly with sheri as a duo or more

w mass, maine, boston, vermont, new hampshire, nyc, philadelphia, washington dc, chicago, baltimore, cleveland, detroit, pittsburgh, buffalo, albany, syracuse & more?

some jazz standard duo shows in various buildings/fields where you wouldn't expect it

some avant noise duo shows with found objects in places you would

your support has meant so much to me throughout the years. i can't thank you all enough, so in lieu of that i'll stop using capital letters.

listen here: mark schwaber sheri hupfer